Modern kitchens Decoration 

Decor of modern kitchens with class

To achieve a good decoration modern kitchens you must have good taste! Kitchens are currently spaces where not only cooking and eating, but also serve to bring people together, to talk and hang out.

The kitchen is increasingly spacious and often opens up to the dining room, which reflects the new decorating trends of modern kitchens. More and more we want to share good times daily and chat while the food is being prepared. It is an important place that deserves to be well planned and have a decor to match.

Planning modern kitchens decoration

When we think of renewing our kitchen, we have to take into account various aspects such as changing infrastructure (plumbing, electricity …), but we must not forget other important details such as the layout of the furniture and the chosen materials. Only by taking these factors into account we can get interesting decor of modern kitchens with a functional aspect.

decoração de cozinhas modernasExample of decoration of a modern kitchen

Today the chances of having a beautiful kitchen are numerous, we can choose a classic wooden kitchen, or the clean lines with inox, through the high-tech modern kitchens.

Also the floor, the walls, the counter, the area of the meals and the small details, such as taps and domestic appliances should be taken into account when planning the decor of modern kitchens.

Photos of modern kitchens, decorated

See these images, with interesting ideas for the kitchen decoration:

decoração de cozinhas modernas

decoração de cozinhas modernas

decoração de cozinhas modernas

decoração de cozinhas modernas

Tips for decorating modern kitchens

  • We must choose durable and easy to maintain materials, for example granite countertops, marble or slate are good solutions.
  • And do not forget the light, the sun is essential in a kitchen or for kitchens or for our own meals when possible enjoy the sunshine.
  • We must also take into account the ventilation in the kitchen, it is essential for a breathable and pleasant environment.
  • We must optimize the maximum space, occupying the vertical space with cabinets, whenever possible.
  • The colors almost everything is allowed, from warm wood tones enhanced by color effects of honey or caramel colors like orange, green or anise are increasingly fashionable.
  • The tables can be round or rectangular, as tastes, if well combined and arranged, everything fits in the new modern kitchens.

The food preparation area for family or friends, as well as the space of the meal, became present in modern kitchens, a comfortable space with proper lighting, cozy furniture and cheerful and beautiful decor. So well worth planning the decor of modern kitchens, they are places where surely pass many pleasant moments.