Fine crystal glasses and stemware add dining elegance

Fine crystal glasses and stemware by Waterford, Mikasa and Swarovski add dining elegance.

Fine crystal glasses including crystal wine glasses can add that perfect touch to any table or dining experience. Crystal glasses from Mikasa, Swarovski and Waterford make gift buying fun and enjoyable, whether for family and friends or yourself. And what would a dinner party be without fine crystal glasses? They add a distinctive flair to any table setting. Impress your dinner guests with stemware from either Mikasa, Swarovski, or Waterford.

 Waterford glasses

Fine crystal from these manufactures has lead content of 18 to 24 per cent. And some of the best craftsmen of crystal glasses create masterpieces for these companies.

Fine Crystal Care Tips

  • Store your crystal where it won’t touch other items
  • Store crystal glasses right side up to avoid stress on the delicate rim.
  • Carry your pieces one at a time to avoid damage.

stemware Swarovski

Crystal Cleaning Tips

  • Dust can act as an abrasive and can “scratch” the surface. Make sure you only clean with a mild detergent and use a lint free cloth for drying.
  • Use a mild detergent only, especially with glasses that have a gold or decorated rim, and use a lint free cloth for drying.
  • When washing, use only warm water AND rinse with warm water. Quick changes in temperature can cause cracking or clouding.
  • Wash your crystal before food can harden. This will make it much easier to clean without having to put hard pressure on the item or scrap it causing scratches.
    Shopping online for fine crystal glasses is very convenient and saves you time and money. Savings can very from one merchant to another so be sure to check out many different stores to find the best buys.