Ideas for kitchens

Fun and functional ideas for kitchens

Let’s get some ideas for kitchens. Fun ideas, but functional, they cheer up and turn the kitchen an ideal place to spend quality time. See the photos and follow the ideas.

In this example a bright turquoise background animates the kitchen in neutral tones.

Ideias para cozinhas

Colorful kitchen

  • In this kitchen, a bright orange wall Contrasting with an elegant blend of stainless steel and white lacquer.


Ideias para cozinhas

White kitchen with stainless steel elements

  • In this kitchen tiles add personality to a simple kitchen design.


Ideias para cozinhas

Kitchen decorated with a lot of outside light

  • This idea for kitchen modern lines, translucent glass tiles create a modern and easy to clean look.


cozinhas ideias

Kitchen with modern lines and translucent glass

  • These tiles are an attractive and affordable alternative to a traditional background.


Ideias para cozinhas

Modern kitchen with traditional decorative elements

  • In this kitchen surfaces made of natural wood complement the soft pastels of the kitchen cabinets. The colorful wall combines accent colors and gives the space a lively atmosphere.


Ideias para cozinhas

Wooden kitchen, painted with pastels