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Ideas for kitchens

Fun and functional ideas for kitchens Let’s get some ideas for kitchens. Fun ideas, but functional, they cheer up and turn the kitchen an ideal place to spend quality time. See the photos and follow the ideas. In this example … Continue reading

14. April 2016 by Mary

Modern kitchens Decoration 

Decor of modern kitchens with class To achieve a good decoration modern kitchens you must have good taste! Kitchens are currently spaces where not only cooking and eating, but also serve to bring people together, to talk and hang out. … Continue reading

12. April 2016 by Mary

Elegant dinner settings in stainless sterling steel

Elegant dinner settings in stainless sterling steel from Oneida, Gorham, Dansk and more. Although there are many flatware companies to choose from, Oneida flatware sets the standard for adding a touch of class to your dining room table. Oneida flatware … Continue reading

06. April 2016 by Mary

Circular Kitchen by Alfred Averbeck

Alfred Averbeck has designed the Circular Kitchen, a very tiny space which can contain the equivalent of 12 cupboards from a conventional kitchen. Behind the slatted sliding doors, you’ll find a stainless steel sink, waste bin, drawers, lighting and electrical … Continue reading

01. April 2016 by Mary