Antique or sterling silverware

Antique or sterling silverware from Gorham, Wallace and more

Gorham silverware is used to add beauty and a distinctive touch to any table or party. Beautiful silverware is one item many families hand down from generation to generation. Gorham silverware like Wallace and Mikasa make wonderful gifts for all occasions. With regular care quality silverware sets and individual forks, spoons and knives will last you a lifetime. Patterns of sterling silver very greatly and the right one for you is easily found.


Gorham silverware is beautiful as well as functional for the special time’s in everyone’s life. Also silverware from Oneida is both affordable and elegant enough for your dinner parties. Wallace silverware has individual settings to compliment any style you want to.

Silverware of any kind has special care requirements. After using immediately clean and dry to avoid unnecessary tarnishing. Storing in a dry protective case can help against tarnishing and receiving nicks and scratches, because silver is a soft metal.

Always be sure to clean your Gorham silverware with a professional quality silver polish and buff with a soft cloth.

Gorham Sterling Flatware set

Online prices of silverware are some of the best you can find and the quality is guaranteed. Silverware prices can very so be sure to check out special weekly and daily prices on some sites.